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Pastor Mensah Otabil roasted after pictures of ‘special offering’ goes viral on social media

Updated: July 27, 2017

Founder and leader of the International Central Gospel Church, Pastor Mensah Otabil has been the subject of attack and ridicule by Social media users in Ghana after pictures of some figures believed to be special offerings of his church went viral.

The Special Seed was to be paid into one bank account of ICGC -The offering is linked to an annual program that is organized by the church dubbed, “Greater Works”

Here are some of the reactions from social media users:

By Daraja Mutari/

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  1. Tireman

    July 28, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    Question for the christians:

    Why do your leaders turn away from the very standards they have been preaching and teaching when they get to the stage where we expect them to be closer to God or his Angels than ever before?

    The same people who fasted and prayed and taught us about sacrifice, morality and tithing become the same people who become adulterers, fraudsters, conmen and seek demon powers.
    Is is that the closer they get to the top, the more they realise there is no God? Or indeed that there is no hell or punishment for evil for that matter?
    Why is it that your mightiest, most prominent clergy are found to be so short of the basics they taught?

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